SIMS' Features
    • Admission
Online Application

Eliminate admission queues
Reduce admission data entry time, save parents’ time, and staffs’ efforts using online admission process through the website. Allow parent to fill in all the data through the website and simple retrieve it by a click of a button.

Admission Exams / Interviews

Competently Track Admission Exams
Efficiently track admission exams, Interviews and records the results during the hectic admission cycle. Carefully monitor, easily find and choose you school applicants without having to track exam papers and interview personnel all over the school.

Admission Fees

Accurate Tracking Of Admission Fees
Keeping track of small finance fees could be tricky, especially with a large number of applicants and different fees. Track admission fees, exam fees, and applicant payments with having separate collection and reporting.

    • Finance
Structured Fees

Highly Payment Tracking
Need to keep track of separate fee balances. Need to automate charging student, while maintaining all flexibility for exceptions. Need to track payments, previous year’s balances. Need to charge by extra course, support course, curricular activities, buses books etc… All this is supported in SIMS.

Installments Support

Accurate Control and Track To Installments
Allowing tuition fee to be divided into separate installments is an important facility schools provide. However, tracking due and overdue payments is disturbing. Now SIMS can track it for you.

Banking support

Merely Monitor To Your Banking
Track you cash flow, bank transfers, deposits, withdrawals, using the same system. Simply start to accept Fee Transfers, Checks, Cash and credit cards.

    • Student Affairs

Fully Control To Your Student Affair
Manage students’ admissions, acceptance, transfers and withdrawals easily, Track needed papers, issue needed paper requests with a click of a button.


Precise Record To Students’ Exemption
Record the student exemptions and worry no more about remembering students’ legal exemption for years.

Government reports

Large Support To Governmental Reports
Save your time, effort, and doubts. Merely print and submit all government related reports and papers with extreme accuracy and confidence.

    • Administration
Manage courses/Classes

Proficient Management TO Your Classes And Courses
Manage classes, courses, teachers, students’ courses, students’ classes and schedules for the whole school through the system. Manually and automatically distribute students in classes randomly, grade based or based on certain criteria.


Automatic Calculating To Students’ Grades
Keeping track, and calculating each student grade is a tedious task. Design your own grading schemes and policies with monthly reports of students’ grades. Support government, British, and American grading system. Supports grading using out of grades, percentages %, and letter grading.


Keeping Computerized Attendance
Still have attendance books for each month, for each class for each grade. Keep detailed and arranged attendance record for your students. Take attendance by day or even by class.