School Management System
Schools, large and small, are looking for empowering and stream-line their management process ,just for that OPENSCOPE developed SIMS a comprehensive School Information Management System that meets the needs of all type of schools .SIMS is built to let you gain time to focus on the important things rather than losing time completing everything by hand . Our system goes above and beyond to help you get an efficient service at an affordable price in a timely manner.

Fully Comprehensive Solution
SIMS is the first elaborate, highly structured, and tested multinational school information management system already running in schools in Egypt. SIMS is a Software application, which is unparalleled and fully comprehensive. It combines cutting edge technologies providing the utmost usability of web technologies and live e-learning techniques. The school software covers each and every entity of school.

A Variety of Features
It is an interactive platform for Teachers, Management, Classes, Courses, Scheduling, Exam Control, Financial Management, Student Affairs, Students, and Parents etc. SIMS is the trusted choice of your school. SIMS allows your school to utilize the true meaning of live e-learning solution with interactive virtual online classes streamed live through the web.