Mobile App Development

We Delivering end-to-end mobile app development, testing, and deployment services for different business. We develop our apps using Native Mobile Code. Native mobile apps are developed in a programming language native to the device and operating system, and require one specific app to be created for one target platform.


We are using REST service API (Windows which is an external web Service APIs that will allow the mobile applications to connect to the server without direct access to the database or files. This service secures the access to the main database by numerous techniques, including preventing direct communication, basic authentication, SSL encryption over TLS, and token based authentication.
This API service will allow the member to do all the needed functions from the downloaded app on the server database.

iPhone/iPad/ Android App Development

Backed by a team of best technology architects, design experts, and program management specialists, we provide best-in-domain iPhone/iPad app development services as per the specific demands of our customers. We provide custom app development, maintenance, upgradation, migration and enterprise app development services.

IOS app Development

IOS App Development

IOS is the operating system that runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices. The operating system manages the device hardware and provides the technologies required to implement native apps. We will be using the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) tools and interfaces to develop, install, run, and test native apps that will be deployed on iOS iPhone devices. Native apps are built using the iOS system frameworks and Objective-C language and run directly on iOS.
We follow the iOS Architecture, the implementation of iOS technologies can be viewed as a set of layers, which are shown bellow.
Lower layers contain fundamental services and technologies. Higher-level layers build upon the lower layers and provide more sophisticated services and technologies.

IOS app Development
Android app Development

Android App Development

We follow the 3 tier model in development. Bellow is an illustration on the Android overall architecture. The developed application will have all the User (client) features and functions. It will connect to the API to store and load data.