Powerful Open Ended Solutions
We aim to provide an OPEN SCOPE of business organizations top-notch, open ended, powerful yet simple, cutting- edge technology based integrated solutions. We seek to offer competitive quality with low cost relative to other software market leaders. Consequently, we glide our clients’ business towards technology, guiding them towards development.

Different Business Sizes
We aim to provide small, medium and large business with the opportunity to make an affordable investment in high-quality customized software. We believe that such an investment will become a valuable asset to it in the years ahead (instead of a liability!) .

Technology Consultants
We aim to increase the technological awareness and understanding of the true nature of software. We act as the technological consultant and mentors to developing businesses.


Hight Quality and Complete Solutions
Our vision is to engage with the customer at the business needs level, as well as delivering high quality, end to end solutions. Our client engagement starts with understanding the business context, positioning, and competitive landscape before scoping.

Business Automation Consistency & Accuracy
Our vision is not to provide just software, but to deliver knowledgeable technology. We aim to provide more than just automating the current business logic. We see that quality software has a profound impact on business development; it adds values that surpass the added costs. Using innovative technology enhances the business management process for the business owners and the customers alike. We believe software automates the complex, and time intensive processes, giving instant access to vital information, consistency, accuracy and rapid, efficient data processing.

At OPEN SCOPE, we recognize that successful customers need innovative and flexible technology partners.