Hasty And Swiftly Payroll Solution
IEOS is an integrated human resource solution for small to mid-size enterprise companies. IEOS is a quality, timely and cost competitive solution when compared to other HR solutions. IEOS aims to help small to mid-size organizations automate all aspects of their human resource operations. It is a Web -based Human Resources Management System (HRMS) technology platform that offers an affordable, innovative solution to manage payroll, employees’ attendance and benefits administration.

Reduce Your Cost
Have you ever thought how much your employees work for your company?
IEOS will enable you to accurately track all your employees’ related activities. You will be able to precisely follow your employees’ arrivals and leaves every day. You will be able to manage and record yearly vacations and absences for your staff. Through IEOS; you can track your employees’ performance at your corporation leading to better utilization of the resources available. With our Web-based solution you can deal with your workforce’s details better, and build best practices for human resource management with high quality and low cost.

Save Your Time
Do you feel lost when trying to calculate your employees’ monthly salary?
IEOS will eliminate your payroll burdens and complications. IEOS can help you preserve your time through calculating your employees’ monthly salaries, attendance, penalties, bonus, overtime, taxes and insurance expenses. IEOS will ensure that your time is not wasted on those tasks. Employee self service feature can save time through enabling your employees to request their vacations in advance, know their salary calculation and penalties saving you lots of handling time. It doesn’t matter what your payroll and attendance tracking needs are; IEOS was built to meet them all.


Extensive Community
IEOS was build to fit all business sectors .Whatever your company’s field is IEOS can handle your payroll easily, accurately and quickly. We provide our service to the most of business fields and users. IEOS can help the following users.

CEO and HR Managers
Have a complete web-based solution which contains all the desired functions that your HR needs. Keep electronic track of your workforce. Handle your payrolls easier, timely calculate taxes correctly, automat Social Insurance deductions, automat employees’ loans. Moreover IEOS provides cheque printing, bank transfer and bank emailing. IEOS saves your time to focus on your business growth.

Financial Managers
T Financial responsibilities are not confined to the payroll management but play a major role in executing capital-raising strategies, funds allocation, and profit planning. IEOS will help you directing your finance department to focus on more important tasks supporting your company expansion With IEOS your accountants will get rid of the monthly tedious salary payment process. Let IEOS manage and control your payroll and go ahead with your prior responsibilities.

Nowadays all Employees are challenged to qualify and develop enough to keep on excelling in their careers. IEOS will help you record your performance. Now you can reflect your commitment to your managers. IEOS records your employment history, your performance and your skills. Records your attendance, alerts you about your excess absence. With IEOS Employee Self Service you will have full access to your data .


Stop manual preparation of time sheets and time cards
IEOS enables you to manage and record the attendance of your employees. With IEOS you can Record employees’ arrival and leave time, Record employees’ absence and vacations. IEOS also supports different number and types of vacations, supports different number of working days and hours,and supports Different Attendance Systems.

Offline Attendance Service
Do you sometimes face troubles with your internet connection?
IEOS troubleshoots this problem by allowing offline employee check in/out, supporting account, barcode, fingerprint check in/out, and synchronizing your data when connection is resumed.

Company Calendar
Are your employees frequently asking about their official holidays?
IEOS will support general & department company official holidays.

Account Based Check in/out
Stop using papers and attendance sheets to sign in and sign out
With IEOS there is no need to cards. IEOS offers you setting up a unique login account for each employee, automatically generate new passwords every month, and automatically send passwords by email or SMS or pay slips.

Barcode Based Check in/out
Do your employees often forget their password and codes?
Through IEOS you will be able to generate unique bar code for each employee, generate PIN for barcode for higher security, and facilitate check in/out for large numbers of employees.

Fingerprint Based Check in/out
Is checking in/out accuracy of your employees of critical importance?
IEOS gives you biometric security solution. It supports biometric finger print based check in/out, support multi finger print capturing for same employee, and compatible with Microsoft finger print solution.

Employees Directory
Save all the data relevant to your employee electronically and stop keeping manual records
Through IEOS you would be able to record educational background, certifications and trainings attended. record employees’ history in your company, and record contact data, biography, and health problems.

Employee self-service
Help your employees save their time to focus more on their tasks. Take your business to the next level
IEOS facilitates communication between the employees and their managers, Allows your employees to submit their vacation requests online, allows managers to reschedule requested vacations to dates they see fit, and enable employees to request loans online.

Do you feel burdened while preparing employees’ payroll every month?
IEOS manage your payroll according to your company’s policies in Salary. It allows setting penalties on late entrance or early leaves, supports work hours’ policies and penalties, and supports linear and incremental penalty calculation.

IEOS also manage your payroll according to your company’s policies in Payments. IEOS supports automated payment process & payment slip generation, auto-deduct employee loans installments, and auto-deduct social insurance & taxes.

Tax calculation
Tax calculation could be very critical and tricky especially with salaries that have lots of variables
IEOS handles your tax calculation easily. It calculates taxes for different legal authorities, supports different tax buckets, and defines taxable and non-taxable salary items.

Overtime Recording
Stop paying for unapproved overtime
With IEOS you can automatically record overtime according to company’s policy, set maximum overtime hours per month, week or day, define incremental & fixed overtime hourly rate.

Production based salary
Are your employees’ salaries based on their productivity?
With IEOS you can record production per employee daily, define different production working unit, and set the monetary equivalence of the production.

Commission based salaries
Do you find it tedious to calculate different commission based salaries?
IEOS covers this issue as it allows you to define fixed sales commission percentage, define incremental/detrimental commission percentage, define sales unit and set commission per product. It also enables you define bonuses on monetary targets, define penalties on un-achieved targets

Analytical reports
Do you keep recording lots of data but never have the time or the tool to analyze what it means?
IEOS provides you with customized reports according to your needs. With IEOS you can acquire detailed and total employee’s salary, detailed and total installments and loans, detailed employees work time analysis, and weekly overtime report with year-to-date totals.