Reflect Your Image To The World

Consolidate your online presence and get the best web design. Businesses all over the world have grown to grasp the power of the internet and the importance of having an effectual website. A high- quality, well designed, and professional website can act as a strong and successful marketing tool that helps your business to grow.

Striking, Professional And Yet Affordable Website

Our skilled, expert, and talented web developers and designers use the cutting edge technology and tools to create attractive, professional and yet affordable website that reflects each client’s uniqueness keeping him standout of the competition.

As a professional web design company we also believe that the professional website design not only about brightly coloured and flashy website, it is also about the knowledge of high design principles and latest development technology. Consequently, we aim at creating a catchy appeal that captures the visitors with simple and easy to use interface that helps your visitors to get easily and quickly what they are looking for.

Striking, Professional And Yet Affordable Website

OPENSCOPE has the ability to handle a wide range of custom web designs. We have a huge technical experience to develop and design websites of any complexity from small dynamic websites to the complex fully integrated internet web portals(ASP portal development, Enterprise and Public Portals, Corporate portals).

Reputable, professional, attractive, and easy navigation website can reinforce your business and delivers it with high impact. Your online image’s success is our goal.


Designed For Vast Audience
There exist two general categories of software, simply off-the-shelf product and Custom Applications. The off-the-shelf products are ready to install software, usually using an installation CD. This software matches a vast range of users with standardized requirements.

Designed For your Business
On the other hand custom software is built to meet certain clients’ or users’ specifications. There is a vast gap between the two with respect to functionality, usability, scalability, and cost.


Excesses & Missing Functionalities
Off-the-shelf is designed for vast audience. Thus the developed software has to provide pre-defined framework and set functionalities. Since it is ready to use, it may not cater to the exact requirement of all organizations. Clients commonly find some required functionalities missing and many other unused ones.

Caters to Exact Functionalties
Custom software ensures that the functionalities provided within the application are a typical match to your business logic creating an easily adaptable system. It simply mimics the current business processes and builds an electronic version to automate them. There is no need to alter any work processes, and hence people find it very easy to use.


High Complexity
Of the shelf products as mentioned earlier have standardized global functionalities built into it. Having a lot of functionalities creates higher complexity. Users can easily get lost in the enormous menus and complicated settings options. That is why usually such products need specialized training for users to be able to start working on them.

High Usability
Since customs software is crafted according to the users’ businesses logic and needs, it gives higher usability. System users will be following the very same business logic they are already adapted to.


Non Expandable
Cannot cope with business expansion. If your need change or expand you will find yourself having to find new products that fit your new requirements. This will happen each time your needs or requirements change.

Easily Adaptable
Updates are done according to the changing requirements and they are easily updatable to fit your business changing needs. You will find yourself just paying the costs of the new requirements that will fit in the currently working software without having to start from scratch.


Low cost on short run
Looking at the monetary terms, off-the-shelf product seems reasonably cheaper. The reason is very simple. The cost of development of the off-the-shelf product is distributed over a number of buyers, thus distributing the costs over the large number of software licenses that will be sold.

Low cost on the long run
Custom made software is relatively expensive. The reason for this is the exact opposite of the previous. Customized software product is made just for one buyer and thus the entire cost of development has to be accounted by one customer.

However for sophisticated and advanced needs, customized application turns out to be less costly on the long run.